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Wait! I don't want this journal to be nonexistent anymore. I need to hear new music...

So if anyone wants to trade a mix cd with me let me know :)
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hey, you still owe me a fuck you mix! :P nah, just kiddin. i'd like to trade, i have a burner now. any particular kind of music or theme?
Ha no you're right, I totally do! In fact, I believe I still have it MADE with YOUR name on it, in my car cause I like to listen to it when I'm pissed off (surprised?). How about I'll send you two...the one I owe you, and also a mix of music I love that I think you don't know yet (and you do the same, only without the f-u mix cause obviously, I have that one)

much love, me
okay that sounds good. :) i understand the need to have f-u mixes in hand when necessary. hopefully i'll have something that you haven't heard yet, though i get most of my music from around here. but cool! i'll look this week.
I'll trade a mix cd with you... I'm always up for new music, and maybe you listen to something I don't.

you can e-mail me, and I'll give you all my info. it's mexicocanwait at