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This is a community started by two music snobs (the_afterglow and lonelypainter) as a forum for people who want to trade mix tapes or CD's. There's an existing community called mixtapes, but (a) it currently has 647 members; this one will be smaller, and (b) this one will probably be more structured as well. Our idea is to base it on themed mixes. We'll try to post a theme every week for anyone who's interested in making/receiving a mix with that theme, but of course other themes are welcome too. You can post requests (e.g. "I just got kicked in the heart and need a mix about unrequited love") or offer up mixes you've made or plan to make (e.g. "I just made this bitchin' anti-war mix and would love to trade with anyone who's interested"). The only thing we ask is that for every mix you receive, you send one as well. It doesn't necessarily have to be a trade--you could receive a mix from one person and send one to someone else--but it'll probably work out that way much of the time. We just want to make sure people aren't whoring off the community for new music and not giving anything back. ;) Mailing addresses will be stored in a friends-only entry in the memories section. If you have any questions, you can email either of us (astpx4cm@mwc.edu for the_afterglow, artemismoons@yahoo.com for lonelypainter).